Article No.: V.830.721.105
Complete Evaporatorsystem Type  EVA-LS1-L-MT  for  1 micortiterplate
Evaporatorsystem with nitrogendistribution unit
Metalblock-Thermostat LS-1V-130
Heating block for 1 microtiterplate
Article No.: V.832.416.013
Evaporator  EVA-LS1-MT-L
für 1 Mikrotiterplatte mit 96 Proben
mit  Lift, drehbar und fest installierter Gasdosiereinheit,
alle Auslässe permanent offen
einschl. 96 Edelstahlkapillaren. PVDF überzogen

Article No.: V.850.211.006
Automatic switchover from tank 1 to tank 2 when low level of solution has been reached in tank 1 (for salt spray cabinet  SAL 600/1000-TL B with Beckhoff SPS).
Article No.: V.851.110.084
VLM Electronic gasdosing unit for  metering of  sulphur dioxide (SO2) and  safe introduction of SO2 into the chamber of corrosion test cabinets.
Installed in a permanently ventilated cabinet,
Cabinet for accomodation of 1 steel bottle of 2 kg  sulphur dioxide, permanently ventilated
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Article No.: V.852.010.001
SAL top-loading cabinets are furnished with lid made of acrylic glass. The thickness of 8 mm is a compromise of good heat insulation of the testing chamber during salt spray tests. On the other hand it allows heat losses so there is an efficient water condensation according the DIN EN ISO ... more
Article No.: V.852.010.002
Der Acrylglasdeckel der VLM Truhengeräte stellt mit 8mm Stärke einen Kompromiss dar. Einerseits hat er eine wärmeisolierende Wirkung während des Salzsprühnebeltests. Andererseits reichen die Wärmeverluste, um die erforderliche Kondensation des Wasserdampfes während des Kondenswassertests ... more
Article No.: V.852.220.002
PH / mV measuring instrument complete ready to use in a plastic case with PH electrode type EGA 142/TM39 with integrated temp., sensor
1m cable
3 x 50 ml buffer solution PH 4.01, 6.87 and 9.18 (25°C)
CT: 90278011 - Country of origin: Germany
Article No.: V.852.240.030

Anwendung: Fällung Anzahl Titrationsmethoden: 1
Bürette: Bürette EasyPlus 20 ml
(enthalten) Reagenzlösungen sind ebenfalls lieferbar.

Optionen: PC-Software EasyDirect™
Titration;Drucker USB-P25;EasyPump
Rührer: EasyStir GT (enthalten) Sensor: Sensor EM45-BNC Precipitation
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Article No.: V.852.600.5000
 SaliCORR® Sodium chloride, for salt spray test acc. to  ISO 9227 NSS, AASS, CASS,
PE bags 5000 g exact weight ready for preparation of 100 L  5% NaCl-solution
with quality certificate
Article No.: V.852.615.5000

SaliCORR® is a special premium sodium chloride quality covering the high purity requirements of various standards such as DIN EN ISO 9227, ASTM B117, NASM1312-1 and ISO 6353-2. Please find the specification under"Technical data sheet", where a sample certificate is stored for downloading. ... more