Article No.: V.701.161.010

VLM Corrosion Testing Cabinet Type CON 400-FL CH -HT- CWC for High Humidity Tests complying with ISO 6270-2  CH


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Article No.: V.702.161.000
 VLM High Humidity Bench-Top Cabinet Type CON 300-S CH CWC  to carry out Constant Climate Tests acc. to ISO 6270-2 (CH)  
Double shelled roof and rear wall for constant and undisturbed climate conditions.
Chamber capacity: ca. 300 L,
 Inner dimensions W/D/H/H 800x600x720/533 mm  gives the ... more
Article No.: V.702.361.000

VLM  Kondenswasser Prüfgerät Typ CON 300-FL AIR CWC 

für die Durchführung von Kondenswasser- und Kesternichtests gemäß DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH, AT, AHT, ASTM 2247 und anderen vergleichbaren internationalen Normen
 Prüfraumvolumen 300 L,  Maße B/T/H1/H2:  800 x 600x 520 x 733 mm
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Article No.: V.702.461.000
VLM Corrosion Testing Cabinet Type CON 300-FL AIR AWRF for High Humidity Tests complying with DIN EN ISO 6270-2; CH, AT, AHT
Testing Chamber Volume :  ca. 300 L
Dimensions: W/D/H  800 x 600x 533/720 mm
Case and Testing  chamber made of stainless steel, bottom coated with ECTFE- to prevent ... more
Article No.: V.704.465.050
VLM Corrosion test cabinet Chest design Type CON 600-TL AIR  AWRF for carrying out  water condensation  tests according to  ISO 6270-2 (CH, AT, AHT)

Chamber capacity: 600 L  
Dimensions test chamber (WxDxH1/H2): ca. 910x710x870/1025  mm
Case Outer dimensions (WxDxH): ... more
Article No.: V.705.065.050
VLM Corrosion Testing Cabinet Type CON 1000-T EC CH   for Humidity with  ISO 6270-2,  
Optiona lfeature:  automatic water refill
Testing Chamber Capacity : 1000 L
Dimensions W/D/H:  ca.   1425 x 792 x 772/1075 mm
Material: base stainless steel  coated with ECTFE  to prevent contamination of ... more
Article No.: V.705.465.050
VLM High Humidity Cabinet Chest Type CON 1000-TL CH for conducting water condensation tests at constant temperatures pursuant to DIN EN ISO 6270-CH and comparable international standards.

Capacity: 1000 L
Dimensions (WxDxH1/H2): 1425x800x690/1005 mm
Outside dimensions (WxDxH ... more
Article No.: V.711.062.020

The SAL 400-FL corrosion test cabinet is designed for carrying out Salt Spray tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227, NSS, ESS, CASS, ASTM B 117-73. It is also posible to conduct the Condensation test according to ISO 6270-2 (CH) by operating the cabinet manually. 

Technical specification:

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Article No.: V.715.062.020
VLM Corrosion test cabinet SAL 1000-FL
for carrying out  salts pray tests according to ISO 9227 NSS ESS, CASS, ASTM B 117-73,  as well as ISO 6270-2 CH and similar test methods
Capacity:  1040 L,  
Inner dimensions W/D/H1/H2 :  1400 x 800 x 1030/790 mm
Dimensions including  foot standing ... more
Article No.: V.715.065.050
VLM Salt Spray Cabinet Type SAL 1000-TL