Kesternich Front Loaders - Automatic SO2 Dosing

Article No.: V.751.162.221
Chamber capacity: 400 L
Inner dimensions test chamber (WxDxH): 800x600x920 mm
Max. working temperature: 60°C
External dimensions casing (WxDxH): 1250x700x1090 mm
Connected load: 1700 W (230 V, 50 Hz)

Operating systems:
Salt Spray acc. to  ISO 9227 NSS, ESS, CASS
High Humidity acc. ... more
Article No.: V.751.262.023
Article No.: V.751.262.221
Working temperature: 5°C > ambient up to +60°C.
Chamber capacity: ca. 400 L,
Inner Dimensions (W/D/H1/H2):  800 x 600 x 920 x 733 mm
Double shelled rear wall and roof
Materials: bottom, rear wall and roof are made of stainless steel  coated with ECTFE,
Sidewalls made of  ultrahighmolecular ... more
Article No.: V.755.162.221
Working temperature: 5°C > ambient up to +60°C.
Chamber capacity: ca. 1000 L,
Inner dimensions W/D/H1: 1400 x 800 x 675/ 1030  mm
Working Systems:
Water Condensation (CON) acc. to ISO 6270-2 CH, AT, AHT
SO2 Automatic dosing acc. to ISO 6988
Controlled aeration (AIR)
MICANITE surface heaters ... more
Article No.: V.755.262.221

VLM Corrosion-Testing Cabinet  Type CCT 1000-FL AKES for conducting High Humidity and Kesternich-Tests with automatic dosing of Sulphur dioxide ( SO2 ) according to DIN EN ISO 6988 as well as DIN 50018, DIN EN ISO 6270-2, ASTM G 85  
Working temperature: 5°C > ambient up to +60°C.
Cham ... more