Article No.: V.852.600.2500
SaliCORR® Sodium Chloride 2,5 kg bags special quality for corrosion testing
Article No.: V.852.600.3000
SaliCORR® Sodium Chloride 3000 g sachets special quality for corrosion testing acc. to ISO 9227 NSS, AASS, CASS
Article No.: V.852.600.5000
 SaliCORR® Sodium chloride, for salt spray test acc. to  ISO 9227 NSS, AASS, CASS,
PE bags 5000 g exact weight ready for preparation of 100 L  5% NaCl-solution
with quality certificate
Article No.: V.852.600.9010
SaliCORR® PE Eimer 10 kg
Article No.: V.852.600.9020
SaliCORR® Sodium chloride for corrosion testing, free-flowing without any anti-caking additives.
Article No.: V.852.600.9025
SaliCORR® sodium chloride for corrosion testing ISO 9227 NSS, AASS, CASS
Important information regarding laboratory chemicals
Please note that as of 01.05.2016 VLM does not offer laboratory chemicals any more.

For all enquires related to laboratory chemicals we suggest you to contact TH Geyer in Hamburg:

Contact person at TH Geyer in Hamburg:
Mrs. Lossin
t: +49 40 533214 137