CCT TL with Beckhoff PLC

Article No.: V.734.065.450
VLM Cyclic Corrosion-Test Cabinet Type CCT 600-TL-B,  Chest model for fully automatic conduction of  alternating corrosion tests such as ISO 11997-1 Cycle B (VDA 621-415), VW PV 1210,  and the basic standard tests such as salt spray and humidity tests according to ISO 9227,   ISO 6270-2
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Article No.: V.735.065.430
VLM Cyclic Corrosion Testing Cabinet Type CCT 1000-TL-B
Compact design for carrying out of fully automatic Cyclic Corrosion Tests such as ISO 11997-1 Cycle B (Substitue for VDA 621-415), VW PV 1210  and others as well as the Basic-Test methods such as salt spray tests according to ISO 9227 ... more